Configuration Pack for Windows 8.1 64 bit

Contains the following:

         Services configuration, disabling unnecessary network facing services to minimize attack surface.

         Deny network logon to certain accounts: Everyone

         Access control list, partition Standard users from admin command-line commands.

         Password age and length requirement settings: 14 characters and good for 60 days

         Account lockout condition : upon trying 50 bad passwords

         Account lockout duration: 15 minutes

         System, Application and Security Event Log size: 1000000 kb

         Have Event Viewer show success and failure events for Account Logons, Account Management, Policy Change and System events.

         Prevent users from installing printer drivers.

         Require pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL to logon.

         Do not display last logon user name.

         Do not allow remote users to list out account names:

         Use Kerberos instead of NTLM protocol

         Require digital signatures for network communications

         UAC will deny Standard user accounts the right to elevate. (instead of prompting for admin password)

         Event Viewer 'custom view' import xml files, allows for detection of system intrusion.


USD $9.04 (including tax)